Mitsubishi: the new Innovation Center is born in Tokyo

Mitsubishi Motors will open a new Software Innovation Center in Tokyo by the end of 2019, a place dedicated to the development of software for new-generation vehicles, software that will allow the automaker to meet the growing need for preventive safety and electrified or low-emission models.

With this announcement, the Japanese brand (Alliance Renault Nissan) also aims to develop next-generation technologies, such as autonomous driving and connectivity.

All the next-generation technologies that provide autonomous driving and connectivity will combine a cutting-edge environment, necessary for software development, with the possibility to be able to count on teams of talents coming from all over the world who work closely with Okazaki’s research and development center to develop ad hoc software for every brand’s need.

The office will also be able to employ international talent, establishing in-depth relationships between internal developers and external organizations. Ultimately, it will accelerate the development of software that enhances the technical and driving characteristics that customers expect from Mitsubishi Motors products. These include the technology for controlling four-wheel drive and recharging via a normal 220V domestic socket or with a ChaDeMo standard (80% autonomy in just 25 minutes) already supplied on the Outlander PHEV hybrid SUV. 

In the near future and already established in some models, Mitsubishi Motors will guarantee a positive contribution to the profound changes taking place in society and in the business environment that influences the automotive industry, also wanting to take part into the world of sustainability.

Especially for a city like Tokyo where the population is extremely high and the use of traveling automotive is high. This will allow the company to pursue new possibilities in the mobility sector and to use its research and development capabilities to produce new cars ready for the future society’s needs. 


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